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Staff Engineer - NSX

Palo Alto, California

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Job ID R1905140 Date posted Apr. 17, 2019

This Staff Engineer will work on NSX Data Plane for the ESX hypervisor as well its integration across a wide variety of areas such as configuration, life cycle management, information retrieval, analytics, networking and security, and innovative troubleshooting with self-recovery solutions for a myriad of system issues in our distributed environment enabling customers to manage and orchestrate their solutions running on NSX – either on-prem or in the cloud.  NSX is the flagship Networking and Security product from the Networking and Security Business Unit (NSBU) at VMware. NSX Data plane consists of network virtualization stack, distributed switches, TCP/IP stack, virtual network devices, distributed router etc. This person will help define and implement the next generation architecture for the data plane which will be highly scalable and performant. Engineer will be part of a talented, deeply technical and dynamic team.


- Architect, design, develop next generation of Networking paradigms like

     - virtual switches (NSX vswitch, VDS/VSS equivalents)

     - network emulation devices (vmnet3 equivalent)

     - network overlay technologies like vxlan, stt and geneve

     - physical nic drivers, including leverage offloads at the appropriate software/hardware interface   

     - security, QoS

     - working with high-end kernel networking sub systems such as iptables, socket implementations, firewalls, VPNs

- Participate in the full product development life cycles.

- Execute automated dev test test-driven development towards agile development methodologies

- Characterize, analyze, optimize and benchmark performance, including applying performance tools

- Communicate technical dependencies, performance findings and concerns/issues of implementations.

- Ensure the product/feature works end to end with solid quality, scale and performance.

- Work on solving complex customer issues; performance ones tend to be tough

- Collaborate with project team members and cross functional product teams to execute product goals.

- Provide technical leadership to other team members and be a team player.

Qualifications and Experience

• 7+ Years of Experience

• Extensive experience in software developing in C/Python/C++

• Excellent knowledge of NFV/SDN, service chaining, kernel networking and virtualization technologies (overlay, vswitching, routing, firewall, vpn, etc.) and IPv4/v6 forwarding

• Excellent knowledge of design and architecture framework for improving scale and performance in constrained environments.

In-depth hardware architectural knowledge including multi-core/multi-thread CPUs, pipelines, cache hierarchies, TLBs, interconnects and memory address translations, NUMA

Hands-on performance development including CPU utilization, memory profiling, optimizations and benchmarking

• Excellent debugging skills.

• Ability to see and present "the big picture" and offer solutions to make it better.

Exposure to distributed virtualization technologies, centralized networking, security management, NOSQL databases, OOP, object and data modeling are all big plus.


BS Computer Science, Electrical Engineering degree or equivalent required and an advanced degree would be highly desirable

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